Yamaha electronics problems?

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Yamaha electronics problems?

Messaggio da NoelBlakley » 30/06/2018, 15:18


Does anyone know specifically what the exact electronics problems are and why the junior Tech III team doesn't seem to have them "as bad" ... or do the Tech III Yamaha motors just not deliver as much power/torque as the senior team? (no disrespect to Zarco, he's a great rider same as when Ben Spies did very well at Tech III better than the "senior" team). Rossi and Vinales both feel the bike is "lost" for this season as Yamaha seem unable or unwilling to address the electronics problems? So does Yamaha tech just not have the resources and why have they started so late to even consider looking at the electronics? Since the ECU software and Hardware is the same for all MotoGP bikes, that apparently leaves only "calibration" ... what I assume this means is "sensors" and the accuracy and type of data being provided to the ECU. I've raced real world in "4 wheels" not "2 wheels" and I've programmed ECU's for my race cars with adjustable traction control ... ironically I opt'd for NOT using ABS for braking due the cost of getting a quality race capable ABS system installed and setup correctly (a race grade ABS system is certainly an big advantage).

Any help will be apprecited.

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