tuning my 50cc supermoto

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tuning my 50cc supermoto

Messaggio da NoelBlakley » 30/06/2018, 15:28


i got a cpi supermoto 50 totally standard except from i have added a slighty bigger jet and changed the sprockets because the old ones were part of the restriction, the bike tops out at 45-47mph, i have been told that i should get a race exhaust because the stock cpi exhausts are still restricted inside the expansion chamber, a racing air filter and jets to suit, i have also been told by a different person a racing exhaust and a bigger carb(you get a racing filter with the carb) will make it a bit quicker but my dad sed that a bigger carb will over fuel it and damage the engine somehow, is any of this right and do any of you have any suggestions to make it a bit quicker, i know its only a 50cc but i only want a extra 10mph or so if it helps im running 13 front and 52 rear sprockets.

Any help will be apprecited.

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